FAQs – Frequently asked questions and related answers

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about My Cruise Excursion and its answers.

My Cruise Excursion (www.mycruiseexcursion.co.uk) is a booking portal for cruise excursions. On the portal, cruise passengers can book their land excursion independently of their shipping company.

In addition, we have put together useful information, data and facts about the most important cruise ports in the world and present them clearly on our pages to the respective port or destination area.

Our slogan is “Great tours, small groups & great prices!” Accordingly, we offer a variety of different excursions, ranging from the classic panoramic ride about guided walks to special events, such as original Italian pasta preparation in Tuscany or a “Game of Thrones” tour in Dubrovnik. The whole in small groups of mostly only 8 to 12 people and on average at much lower prices than the shipping company.

In addition, we place a high value on our excursions and our local partners. My Cruise Excursion and our partners specialize in cruise ship guests. Almost all guided tours offered by our partners are in English (otherwise it is explicitly mentioned in the description). In addition, our partners guarantee a timely return to your cruise ship.

All our partners and their on-site excursions are checked regularly. Of course, during the trip, you are completely insured by our partners.

You will find our excursion offers on the respective harbour sides. The best way to do so is to first select your shipping company, your ship and your route from the drop-down list on the start page of My Cruise Excursion. You can then choose one or more harbours from the route where you want to book a shore excursion. Alternatively, you can also directly select the desired port via the port search on the start page.

As soon as you have selected the desired shore excursions and put them into the shopping cart, you can reach the cash register via the shopping cart symbol in the top right corner. There you can specify your billing address, select the desired means of payment (PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit or direct transfer) and pay for the excursions conveniently online. You will then receive an automatic order confirmation via e-mail.

If you have opted for one or more trips, you can book them easily and conveniently online. To ensure that your order arrives in time, we recommend that you book at least 72 hours before departure.

We do not carry out the trips ourselves but have selected professional tour agencies as partners in every port. Our partners know their way around the country, specialize in cruise guests and have years of experience in the excursion business.

Our partners and excursions are regularly reviewed and reviewed to ensure the best possible quality for your shore excursions.

Our local partners specialize in cruising guests as we do. In order to give you an unforgettable trip experience, almost all guided tours are offered in English. If this is not the case, it is explicitly mentioned in the excursion description.

Due to our varied offer, the services included vary depending on the selected trip. Detailed information about the meals can be found in the respective excursion description.

Not only are our prices favourable but our manageable group sizes are also a quality feature of My Cruise Excursion. Our tours are usually conducted in small groups (unless indicated otherwise). The group size may vary depending on the destination. For example, for most destinations, you will find a manageable group size of only 8 to 12 people. For our popular regions (e.g. St Petersburg) the excursions will still take place in very pleasant small groups with a maximum of 25 people. In Norway, groups can get up to 46 people in exceptional cases due to logistical reasons. 99% of cases you find My Cruise Excursions are with a nice, small number of people and not 50-seater buses that you get with most cruise lines.

We also offer you to carry out the excursions offered on www.mycruiseexcursion.co.uk as exclusive private excursions.

We can also put together an individual tour, according to your wishes. Such a private tour then consists exclusively of you and your companions as well as the tour guide on site. If you are interested in a private tour, please write an e-mail to contact@mycruiseexcursion.co.uk

In addition to our guided tours, we can also arrange a transfer. If you have personal wishes for a very individual shore excursion, then feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

In most cases, we offer reduced prices for our young guests. The age limit is usually between 2 and 12 years but may vary. Exact information about the different prices of our tours can be found in the respective excursion description.

If necessary, we will be happy to clarify with our local partners to what extent physically handicapped persons can participate in the excursion program. Please write to us via e-mail via contact@mycruiseexcursion.co.uk.

The excursion description is only a guide for the start time of our tours. We adjust the start time for each trip so that all participants of all ships can participate comfortably and stress-free. Usually, it starts about an hour after the harbour entrance.

After selecting the desired shore excursions and adding them to the shopping cart, you will be taken to the cash register via the shopping cart symbol in the upper right corner. All common means of payment are available here: PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit or direct transfer.

Simply select the appropriate payment method and pay conveniently online. No extra fees will arise, no matter which payment method you choose. All transmitted data is encrypted by an SSL certificate and thus secure.

Should it happen once that the specified minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right in individual cases to cancel the trip in good time. You will be informed by us at least 14 days before the date of performance by e-mail, whether the trip takes place or not. If there are less than 14 days between the date of booking and the service, this can be done later. In the event of cancellation, you will be refunded any payments already made.

We ask you only for such data needed to process the booking and to carry out the shore excursion. Your data will only be used internally or forwarded to third parties (for example, our local partners) for a smooth trip. All information provided by you is encrypted on our website by an SSL certificate and thus secure.

For booking, we need your name and address as well as an e-mail address for the order confirmation. In addition, a mobile phone number that will allow us to reach you on the day of the trip if there is any doubt (for example, in the unlikely event that we will not meet you at the meeting point at the appointed time).

We also need to know which vessel you are on the date of the excursion in the harbour so that we can pick you up directly at the mooring and tell you a meeting point that is as close as possible to the berth of your ship.

Our partners in St. Petersburg take care of all formalities for you. All we need is the relevant information from the passports of all participants (full name, birthday and nationality, passport number, validity and issuing authority). Please send us this by e-mail after your booking. You will then receive a separate voucher from the local agency that will carry out your excursion. You present it to the entry point at the cruise terminal in St. Petersburg, thereby entering the country.

Our local partners specialize in cruise guests and pick you up at the harbour, as close to the ship as possible, and bring you there again. Unless, for example, you want to stay ashore on your own after a half-day excursion. The exact time and the meeting point with the tour guide as well as all other relevant information, we will inform you in good time before your date of departure by e-mail.

We will send you an e-mail with all relevant information in good time before your date of departure. Including a precise specification of the meeting point and time at which your excursion begins. Of course, you will also receive a (mobile) number from each of our partners to call you on the day of your trip in case of emergency, should there be any questions left or you (contrary to expectations) cannot find your tour guide.

All our partners are professional incoming agencies who have taken our special “timely-back-to-ship” guarantee. Our shore excursions are arranged in time so that there is always enough extra time to bring all guests back to their ships in time.

We know that it can happen that a ship is being routed due to special circumstances. In this case, you are not guilty of being a cruise passenger and we will refund your full amount for the trip. Please let us know as soon as you hear about it.

We know that sometimes plans can change or unforeseen happens. To cancel a booked shore excursion please write us an e-mail to contact@mycruiseexcursion.co.uk. Depending on the time of cancellation, cancellation fees may apply. All details can be found in our terms and conditions: https://mycruiseexcursion.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

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