Your travel protection

Your travel protection

TripUp GmbH together with ERGO Reiseversicherung AG (ERV) offers a trip delay protection and a travel accident insurance. These services are already included in the prices quoted.

“On-time-to-ship”-guarantee / excursion delays

If you are missing your ship due to a delayed return of at least 45 minutes, for example due to traffic congestion or a delay in the use of public transport within the excursion, the excursion protection can take effect.

The additional costs for the later travel will be refunded up to € 1,000 per person, as well as additional expenses for accommodation and meals up to € 100 per person. If boarding is not possible until the next day, these rates increase to € 1,500 and € 200, respectively.

Claims from the excursion delay protection please direct to

TripUp GmbH
Mönckebergstr. 13
20095 Hamburg

We, TripUp GmbH, are insured with a quota of 50% at ERGO Reiseversicherung AG within the scope of the insurance conditions attached to your booking (special part for excursion delays), the other 50% is provided by TripUp GmbH for you.

If you wish to enjoy excursion protection benefits, you must comply with the terms and conditions described.

Exceptions to the aforementioned provisions are only such excursions, where the meeting place and place of return transport of the guests are not at the cruise port (usually standard tours with a central meeting point). Corresponding information about the meeting point can be found in the respective product descriptions.

Travel Accident Insurance

We, TripUp GmbH, have entered into a group insurance contract for all participants with ERGO Reiseversicherung AG:

Travel Accident Insurance

Sums insured: € 25,000 Deaths / € 50,000
Invalidity accumulation limit: € 5m in total

including the following extensions in the event of an accident during the insured shore excursion:

Refund of search / rescue / rescue costs up to € 10,000
daily allowance in case of accidental subsequent stay in the cabin or at the infirmary: € 50 per 24 hours, max. € 250 per person

As an excursion attendee, you automatically enter this group insurance contract as an insured person through your booking at, unless you explicitly declare at the time of booking that you do not wish to avail yourself of this insurance cover.

With the booking confirmation you will receive the insurance certificate (insurance certificate), from which you can see the terms of insurance and further details.

After the occurrence of an insured event, the insured person is obliged to report the damage to:

ERGO Reiseversicherung AG


Thomas-Dehler-Straße 2, D-81737 München

Postfach 80 05 45, D-81605 München

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